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Mediation & Arbitration Services

Alternative dispute resolution is an important tool that is increasingly available to parties considering litigation. As experienced trial lawyers with years of experience, we at Ury & Moskow, LLC have handled dozens of mediations and arbitrations from start to finish.

Our knowledge of and experience in mediation and arbitration allows our attorneys to evaluate when and if such services are appropriate and, if they are, to maximize our clients’ position as the proceedings unfold. Significantly, we have also been involved in a variety of matters where binding arbitration awards have been effectively challenged as violating applicable law. This experience further ensures that our clients receive effective, cost-conscious representation in a wide variety of circumstances.

Because parties have different rights and opportunities in mediation and arbitration than they do in litigation, it is imperative that an attorney have both the knowledge and experience to effectively choose between them. We do. Just as importantly, our years of experience in alternative dispute resolution means that we know who are effective service providers, from retired state and federal judges to architects and engineers. We bring that knowledge and experience to bear on each and every matter.

Experienced Mediators And Arbitrators

Ury & Moskow, LLC is recognized as a leader in providing mediation and arbitration services to other lawyers and their clients. We have a reputation for fairness and honesty that routinely results in other attorneys designating us as appropriate “neutral” parties to hear their cases.

Our senior partner, Fred Ury, regularly serves as both a court-appointed arbitrator and privately retained arbitrator/mediator in a wide variety of matters, including: commercial disputes, personal injury/medical malpractice, construction and other types of disputes.

Attorney Neal Moskow has successfully arbitrated and mediated complex employment and construction matters, as well. We welcome inquiries from anyone who is interested in retaining our attorneys to perform mediation and arbitration services.