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Breast Cancer

Many families will be affected by breast cancer. Many breast cancer patients have an excellent outcomes – including full recovery – but such an outcome is often dependent on an early and accurate diagnosis. However, breast cancer that goes undetected or misdiagnosed until it advances to a later stage is much more likely to recur or result in death.

Failure to diagnose breast cancer does not automatically constitute medical malpractice. However when a doctor’s negligence does constitute malpractice and results in serious injury or death, the family is entitled to compensation. At Ury & Moskow, LLC in Fairfield, Connecticut, our trial lawyers have the resources, the knowledge, and the skill to handle these complex and challenging claims, and have recovered substantial damages for clients injured by misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose breast cancer. Our attorneys serve clients in Norwalk, Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Danbury, Waterbury and all of Connecticut, and in New York and Washington, DC, from offices in Fairfield, Connecticut, and Washington, DC.

If your family has suffered due to a doctor or radiologist’s failure to diagnose breast cancer, whether the failure was a result of misreading a mammogram or ultrasound, failing to perform a physical exam properly and detect a breast lump, failure to order a biopsy, or another diagnostic failure, a medical malpractice lawyer from our practice will be happy to evaluate your case. Please contact our home office in Fairfield, Connecticut, or our satellite office in Washington, DC, to arrange for a free consultation.

When preparing a case for trial our attorneys enlist the help of medical experts to testify that the doctor or radiologist’s failure to diagnose breast cancer constituted medical negligence. The lawyers work with nationally recognized medical experts to recover compensation. The lawyers have established a significant record of success in recovering large settlements and verdicts for clients in medical malpractice cases. Although some cases will be settled quickly through negotiations, mediation, or arbitration our attorneys are well-prepared to handle state and federal trials and appeals.

A monetary settlement cannot restore the loss your family has suffered, but our lawyers will vigorously pursue a resolution that will compensate you to the full extent of the law. Our lawyers take medical malpractice cases on a contingency basis, meaning there are no fees until we recover compensation for your injuries and you owe no attorneys’ fees at all if you do not successfully recover on your claim.


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