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Hospital Negligence

Miracles happen daily in hospitals, and patients routinely receive excellent care. If you, however, are one of the many who suffered an injury or loss due to hospital negligence, you have first-hand knowledge of the other side of the story. At Ury & Moskow, LLC, our personal injury trial attorneys hear shocking stories of hospital errors. Below are some examples of hospital negligence. If you would like to discuss a claim for hospital negligence with an experienced lawyer, please contact our Fairfield, Connecticut, or Washington, DC, office to arrange a free consultation.

Hospital errors that constituted malpractice

A single mother driving through Connecticut on her way to vacation with her four sons suddenly doubled over in pain. She visited a nearby emergency room, where the ER doctor misdiagnosed the flu and sent her on her way. The pain worsened until she was nearly delirious. The woman finally rushed to another emergency room where she learned her appendix had ruptured days earlier. She was lucky to survive this clear example of hospital negligence, but suffers permanent injury and lost income.

A loving father and grandfather was in the hospital suffering from stomach cancer. He was being fed intravenously and having trouble keeping down liquid nutrition. The nurses, being aware of his condition, moved him closer to the nursing station to keep an eye on him. Still, he choked and suffocated in his bed – a clear case of nursing negligence.

A woman went to the emergency room with severe leg pain after a bad fall. The hospital took x-rays, told her she was fine, and failed to admit her. Nine days later she was not able to move. She learned that she fractured her hip in the initial fall and now, because of damage done since the initial fall, she required a hip replacement. She underwent surgery and because of a lengthy recuperation period, lost her job – a victim of an emergency room error.

If you have been the victim of hospital negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Our trial lawyers have recovered substantial verdicts and settlements through litigation and out-of-court negotiations for victims of errors on the part of nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and other hospital employees. Whether an unrestrained patient suffered a fall, a patient received the wrong medication, a hospital meal triggered an allergic reaction, an anesthesiologist left the operating room during surgery, or the injury was caused by another type of negligence our attorneys work with nationally recognized medical experts to successfully resolve medical malpractice cases on behalf of our client.

Contact Today For Dedicated Representation

At our law firm, Ury & Moskow, LLC, attorneys and staff provide personal attention and apply legal sophistication to secure compensation on behalf of clients with losses due to medical malpractice. We understand that it may be impossible to completely restore the damage and loss in these situations, but we will vigorously pursue a resolution that will compensate you to the full extent available under the law. Our lawyers serve clients in Norwalk, Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Danbury, Waterbury, all of Connecticut, and in New York and Washington, DC.

Contact at Ury & Moskow today for a free consultation and case review. As with all medical malpractice cases those involving hospital neglect are taken on a contingency basis, meaning there are no fees until we recover compensation for your injuries and you owe no attorneys’ fees at all if you do not successfully recover on your claim.


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