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Car Accidents

Crash. It happens that fast. The car accident is over in a few seconds, while the recovery of those injured can take months, years, the injuries may be permanent or even result in loss of life. Yet motor vehicle insurance companies routinely contact those injured in auto accidents to try and get early and unreasonably low settlement agreements signed.

Talk to a lawyer before signing any insurance settlement form

It costs you nothing to have your injury claim evaluated by an experienced trial attorney at Ury & Moskow, LLC. Contact our Fairfield, Connecticut, or Washington, DC, office to arrange a free consultation with an experienced lawyer before signing a settlement form or making a statement to the insurance company representative. We will tell you whether you are being treated fairly or whether you would benefit from legal counsel.

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Our attorneys have recovered substantial damages for clients in motor vehicle accidents and are prepared to handle claims involving the following factors:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Pedestrian knock-downs
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Multiple car crashes
  • Uninsured drivers
  • Drunk drivers
  • Fuel tank explosions
  • Electrical fires

In conjunction with accident reconstruction experts, using evidence provided by police reports and, in the case of a trucking accident, regulatory agency reports, our experienced trial attorneys will determine how and why the accident happened and identify all parties liable for damages.

If the car accident caused a catastrophic injury such as spinal cord damage, brain damage, closed head injury, neck injury, or third-degree burns that resulted in quadriplegia, paraplegia, other paralysis, traumatic brain injury (TBI), or disfigurement, our lawyers will work with economic, occupational, and medical experts to calculate the full loss you have experienced. We will then present a compelling argument on your behalf to secure appropriate compensation.

Our personal injury trial lawyers have recovered substantial verdicts and settlements through litigation and out-of-court negotiations for people who suffered catastrophic injury or lost love ones in auto accidents. Our attorneys work with nationally recognized experts to successfully resolve cases for clients in Norwalk, Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Danbury, Waterbury, all of Connecticut, and in New York and Washington, DC.

At Ury & Moskow, LLC, lawyers and staff provide personal attention and legal sophistication to secure compensation on behalf of those injured by the negligence of others. We understand that it may be impossible to completely restore the damage and loss in these situations, but we will vigorously pursue a resolution that will compensate you to the full extent available under the law.

Support From An Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Contact an experienced auto accident attorney at Ury & Moskow, LLC today for a free consultation and case review. Like other personal injury cases, those involving catastrophic injury or wrongful death are taken on a contingency basis, meaning there are no fees until we recover compensation for your injuries and you owe no attorneys’ fees at all if you do not successfully recover on your claim.


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