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Physician Licensure, Credentialing and Disciplinary Matters

Ury & Moskow, LLC has developed a specialized practice area focusing on the needs of physicians and other health care professionals. We represent individuals and practices in their dealings with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, hospital credentialing matters and hospital disciplinary proceedings aimed at restricting, suspending and/or terminating privileges.

Our representation has resulted in the successful recovery of a $2.5 million dollar verdict against one hospital for its failure to follow medical staff by laws in summarily terminating a chief resident. We also have successfully protected our clients’ privileges and medical licensure through negotiation and implementation of consent agreements.

Because we aggressively represent physicians during the licensure, credentialing or disciplinary process, we are often able to negotiate amicable resolution of these matters prior to the start of any formal hearing. Our experience in this specialized area has taught us, however, that early intervention in the process by a lawyer improves the opportunity for amicable resolution of the entire matter and/or insures that proper procedures are followed in those matters that require formal proceedings. Ury & Moskow’s health care professional group stands ready to protect your rights.

We recognize that our medical professional clients are sometimes concerned about Ury & Moskow, LLC‘s pursuit of medical malpractice matters. We make no apologies for this fact and believe that our clients are entitled to compensation for negligent medical treatment, just as other clients are entitled to recover for breach of contract, wrongful termination or other civil wrongs.

In fact, it is our capacity to handle medical malpractice, employment and other litigation matters that forms the strong foundation for our medical professional practice area. What’s more, once a doctor, resident, dentist or nurse needs a lawyer, s/he wants one that will fight hard and who is willing to take the matter as far as it needs to go: that’s what plaintiffs’ trial lawyers do.

Given our unique ability to handle these complex matters through negotiation, at the hospital level and in court, Ury & Moskow, LLC is the logical choice to represent medical professionals whose licenses and/or practices are at risk.